What’s For Dinner?

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What’s For Dinner?

floridafarmtourIf you answered “beef”, you have chosen a delicious, nutritious, safe and sustainable meal. What a package! Surprised?

I just participated in a 2 day Florida Beef “#Farm to Fork” tour in central Florida. We had the opportunity to visit 3 cattle ranches, meet the families and see the passion for the lives that they live. Continue reading

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Trick or Treat?

Growing up, I loved Halloween. Truth be told, I still do! My friends and I would plan our costumes for weeks ahead. Sometimes coordinating but never duplicating. About the only thing more 20141024_102313important than dressing up, was the loot we expected to gather during the night. We all new which houses gave out the best candy; the best being a full size candy bar.   Of course Mom made sure that we ate a good dinner including vegetables and a glass of milk before we went out the door. Continue reading

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It is only 3pm. You have 2 hours left until quitting time. You feel (1) hungry (2) can’t focus (3) tired (4) distracted (5) headache (6) fuzzy in the brain (7) all of the above. You had a coffee/favorite caffeinated beverage at 2:30pm that didn’t seem to help….much. Now you hear a tiny voice calling your name that seems to be coming from the vending machine down the hall. What do you do?      Continue reading

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I am glad that is over

We have had a crisis in the family that has only just resolved yesterday. It has taken an emotional toll on me especially. The associated stress has produced nausea, headaches, shakiness and poor sleep. Even today, 24 hours after the resolution, I still feel like I have taken one-too-many stimulant containing diet pills.

These symptoms are all caused by specific hormones released during stress: adrenalin, cortisol and aldosterone. Evolution has provided these for the inevitable “fight or flight” reflex that kept our species alive through time. Continue reading

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